(OPEN) Looking to partner with a clothing group for an upcoming battle royale game!


Hello, the creators of Midnight Mayhem are looking for a clothing group to partner with. Midnight Mayhem is a 10-60 player purge-inspired Battle Royale. Our game features a custom character that overrides the player’s website avatar.

The Team
@Sutik - Owner/Scripter/UI Designer
@CyberScrap - Builder/Modeler/Terrain

Some sneak peaks of the game (not finished)

What we want from you

We’re looking to partner with a clothing group who can be the main supply for our clothing in our avatar shop.

Why should you partner with us?

Our game is a front-page material game that WILL be finished. Your group will be promoted & a direct purchase option of every one of your clothes for the website, so all the profit will go to you if they choose to buy the clothing for the website.


  • Free promotion
  • 100% of the profit from the website purchase option


  • No copied clothing
  • Matching shirt+pants for every set of clothing
  • Male and Female outfits
  • At least 10 clothing sets for both male and female

Contact me on Discord if you’re interested and fit the requirements: wolf#0956


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