(OPEN) Low to high poly 3d modeler

About Me

Hello! I’m Tempest, a Modeler and character creator. I make low to high poly models and have a year of experience in blender 3D modeling. I’ve been on Roblox for around 6 years.


Here are some examples of my work!



(upload://nkFFfEUUd7Um6G437RPZLYrVisI.png) hiiiigh ns.PNG

You can find more of my work at MODELING WORK - Google Docs


I am available most of the day, however I have alternating schedules so It might take me a bit to get back to you (Timezone: MST)


(Negotiable) 500 - 1k (10 - 15$) Robux for low poly model
1.5k - 2k Robux (20 - 25$) for High poly or detailed model

My preferred payment method is $ but if you wanna pay with Robux thats fine. If you dont have a group that means you will either have to pay in money or pay Robux plus tax. ( meaning paying more then asked unless you have group funds ) .


You can contact me here on the DevForum or via Discord at “Tempest#2454”

I hope to work with you soon!