[OPEN] Materials Showcase - Share Your Custom Materials!

If you have any custom wood-based material, can you please post multiple angles of them so it is easier for me to judge. Thanks.


made my own custom materials using Substance Designer :slight_smile:


Materials aren’t made by me, was just testing what I can do with my game when custom materials go live:



I’m really excited for this, it will make everything look much better.
(I had some more tests I wish I kept them somewhere)


Been working with custom materials for a racing game I am currently working on!

The car paint texture I created using noise and some modifiers, the other textures are from CC0.

The car itself is not made by me, but I hired another developer to import it for me.

Sadly the car can’t be used because there was an issue that I can’t seem to fix and the developer is unresponsive now… (It’s not Jorus_Retorak before any of you go blaming him)

The issue can be seen here


here’s a few shots of the material work we’ve done on our upcoming game Winds of Fortune.

(major thanks to @SniperGhostGame, @T0LKA, @DoubleDog_DareMe, @Ahlvie, and everyone else on our art team)


I’m really looking foward to playing a game with such style and quality. Is it possible for me to know the Game name? Please contact me and send me the link to the Game when it’s released if possible :happy1:

That looks so incredibly cool! Definitely going to check it out.

I made a small world with the new terrain textures. And a few new materials for the “Wizard Tower”. (I’m never going to create custom materials)

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Here are some of materials that i’ve made myself for my upcoming RPG game:


I love the feel of this! I hope you continue to make more and one day find a way to share them with people in a way that makes you happy too because these FEEL like Roblox to me. This is what I want an updated modern Roblox to feel like. Cartoonish but detailed and impactful.

Really awesome work!


I definitely agree with this! Love those material looks!

Roblox Marketing team, I bring you the best marketing image of all time… The Meat Ball. While I did
not personally create the material, I did create a new part and applied the cracked lava material to it. I also went through the painful process of setting the texture to 256p and back to 1024p due to Roblox’s excellent bilinear filter ruining everything. :neutral_face:.

before: useless material.

after: amazing material.


Using custom materials with a current project I’ve been developing!



Scary materialservice game, Haha!

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so uh

the toolbox features some similar models

EDIT: lol reply was deleted


I wish there was a way to Check a Setting in the model to use the model’s Unwrap to map the materials and also a way if you use the normal mapping mode to align the texture to the world and not per part. It would help a lot, I need to use surface appearance still and it gets annoying when you have multiple models to do any changes.

But yeah Material Service is definitely a step in the right direction!


I use it for wasteland location.


Most of the below is made with custom materials. This is a post-apoc roleplaying map - this particular area is on the outskirts of a city, a lower-density area.


Here are some stylized materials I made a while ago to test out the feature.

Regular blending:

Organic blending:

(not really visible on this scale but it helps a lot to get rid of tiling on large scales, thank you for adding this to parts and not just terrain)

And here is a cool hack I found!

Combining custom materials with smooth terrain can wield great results, even for architecture!
I made a normal carpet material that replaces the brick material for smooth terrain. I also made another variation of the carpet that’s a bit worn out and water damaged.

Using the paint tool we can paint in the second material to add a little variation to the carpet to break up the monotone look of it, and add more realism.

(this picture also uses some of my other custom materials, you can probably spot some bump details on the wallpaper and ceiling from here)