[OPEN] Matrix's GFX Portfolio

Hey! I’m Matrix, I’ve been an Artist on ROBLOX for 4 years, starting my graphic design career in November 2020. I specialize in creating digital art through Adobe Photoshop, & Blender. I’m a flexible creator and willing to work with each client on their own artistic vision. If you’d like to inquire please feel free to reach out!


Dylanjkl’s, “AEGIS International”

Altitude Studios, “Club Altitude”.


Altitude Studios, “Club Altitude”.


Dylanjkl’s, “AEGIS International”


Secure Contain Protect Foundation

My preferable form of payment is by Robux via t-shirt payment ( Roblox taxes 30%, tax must be covered by the client )

  • I will accept the full payment once the graphic is done, however you’ll have access to the final version with a large watermark which will be removed upon payment.

  • My Prices are based on size & complexity, however I am open for negotiations. Additionally if you have other 3d rendering related jobs a price can be determined case-to-case.

  • I can meet deadlines if I’m given ample time and notice, I may charge more for commissions that are on a short deadline.

Prices (note these do not include the tax):
Thumbnails: 1,800 R$ - 4,000 R$
Icons/Advertisements: 1,000 R$- 2,750 R$

Terms & Conditions
  • I reserve the right to deny any and all commission requests for whatever reason.
  • My prices are based on various factors, I have made them the cheapest I feel that is fair.
  • Agreed upon payments are expected to be fulfilled at the end of the order.
  • Before ordering please be sure you have all models that you’d like to be used ready in .rbxm format.
  • I do not provide refunds or discounts for work that does not meet a client’s satisfaction. However I will try to work with a client to make changes that better satisfy them.

I’m available for contact at anytime, I will respond to DMs within 2 days. Best times to contact me however are on the weekends.

My graphics take about 6-14 days give or take however I can get meet deadlines if they are presented early on.

If you’d like ask me questions, concerns, or inquires please feel free to contact me using the platforms below.

I can be reached here on DevForum or at:
Discord: maytrx

Thanks for reading, I look foward to getting in contact & working with you!

Portfolio Updates
  • Change [MM/DD/YYYY]
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