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Hope you understand you’re basically paying the builder 62 cents a hour. Also not to mention I’ve seen you disclaimer at least 5 times this week.


Yeah, the payment is way too low for what is being asked. 25R$ an hour is a complete ripoff here.

@RookPvPz I messaged you about becoming a builder.

Not criticism but why are graphics designers getting just under triple price/hour than builders especially with the example concepts you’ve shown of the build style and listed the graphics as easy designs?

I could offer my services as a designer though I wouldn’t be willing to work anywhere near the current (circa 23 cents an hour). To put your prices into perspective for yourself it would take nearly 24 hours of work for you to be able to purchase a foot long sandwich at Subway. I found a dollar in my drawer and that equates to just under 5 days work for you guys :frowning:

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Easy graphics are noted as a render of a model with a white texture for a decal. I stated that these prices were not final and I’d appreciate only those looking for job applicants post replies on this post, though I’m always open to criticism in my DMs, but this post is only for those looking for a position on the team.


I am interested in work, I am a builder and a Spanish translator. Me discord is : Nicolás DEV#4794

I am not comfortable with the fact that you are keeping your prices knowing that newer and talented devlopers will jump at this not knowing they are not being payed much at all. The designs you asked for are not simple sorry to say. I personally would never reccomend this job to a friend of mine or anyone. Please be sure to price your things according to the work you are asking for. You see several people tellijg you that your prices are not right. This is not just me telling you off or anything. Simple constructive crtisiscm that could help you get the devlopers youn need. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@RookPvPz Sorry for telling you again, but you never messaged me back here on Devforum.

Again, please take messages like these to my DMs. Prices are not final and can easily be negotiated. Small assets include chairs, small desk-lamps, or other small common household items. Medium sized assets can range from a blast-door using a template to a hallway design.

Apologies, I’ll go and do that.

(Sorry for the late reply) Constantly asking for your application sill result in the denial of your application, please note even though it’s not in the team regulations section, it automatically applies to the applying phase.

It was denied? Did I even send you anything? Sorry, Now I’m a bit confused.

Please take this conversation to my DMs. (Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum)

Could you please specify what other assets you are looking for? Hallway designs, lockers, weapon stands, stuff like that.

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Hi, I’ll provide more information through Discord DMs.

Yeah, im fairly new too and was interested in this job.


Hello, may you please provide your opinions on the prices in my DMS?

I now have a simple portfolio. New builder looking for commissions

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