[OPEN] MerelyMint - Clothing, Building, Scripting, Profile Pic Design

About Me

Hey there. I’m MerelyMint, and I do a little bit of everything. What I do consists of Building, Clothing Design, Scripting and Icon Art. I will do the best possible at my skill level, but I am always improving in all of these. My weakest right now, I’d say is either my Scripting or my PFP Design. I’m not the best artist, but some people appreciate my style. My scripting isn’t terrible, but I’m newer to it, and there’s lots I have to learn still. I’d say that my building is pretty good, thought I haven’t done any huge builds yet, I’m sure you’ll like what I have to offer. I do work in a low-poly style if that is to your liking. My clothing design is quite strong, because I’ve been doing it on Roblox for a long while, and I’ve improved greatly within the past few months.


Clothing Showcase
Here are some examples of my clothing designs:

This is some stuff that I've made for my own purposes.

Png (1)

Png (2)

Png (3)


Examples of group clothing

Png (9)
Png (5)

Stuff that I've made based on request, or for groups

Png (1)
Png (4)
Png (5)
Red Striped Crop Top

Any pants showcased were all made by me as well.

Building Showcase

Simple low-poly builds

Low-Poly Arcade

Low-Poly Candy Shop

Low-Poly Cafe


Tour Bus Model (Most Recent Build)
Tour Bus

I’ve never gone about building a whole big map, but I’m open to it. Also, I can do interior design. If I build a map for you, and it’s not to your liking, I will not charge you. However, If it’s small assets like these, I will charge.

Scripting Showcase

This is my newest adopted skill, and I’m not bad. I totally understand if you don’t want to hire me for this due to the lack of assets shown, but here are a few. I’m totally ready to step out of my comfort zone and learn new stuff. I’ve just recently taught myself to make a story game lobby.

Moving Decorations

Profile Icons

This is the most artisitic thing I’ve tried, and I’d say I’m not bad. I’ll draw your roblox character in this style, and I can also make it a short gif with small effects. A still image, I’ll sell for 300 robux, and an animated one, (Such as a wink or a sparkle effect) I’ll sell for 500.


Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3 (Simplest, probably worst.)

(Bad) Example of my short and simple animations with unappealing sparkles
Green Wink Fixed


Available almost any time after 11:00 AM EST, any day of the week, however there may be weekend conflicts, and this is subject to change.

edit: accidentally put pm instead of am lol


I’m not much of a percentage guy, considering I’m already working on a big project, so I prefer to be paid all at once.

For shirts, I’d like to charge 50 robux per asset if it’s something like putting a logo on a well-detailed shirt or hoodie, and if it’s a graphic tee, like the Terrain Tee I showcased, I’d like to charge 100. And if you’d like something custom, like a fashionable clothing item or perhaps a specific group uniform, I’d like to charge 200 - 400 per asset, depending on how complex it is. I may even go lower.

For my building services, The price is very negotiable depending on what it is you want me to build. A small thing like a nice low-poly house may cost around 150 robux, and a whole map, which I usually don’t do will be in a much higher range, probably in the thousands.

My scripting is fairly basic, but it can take effort to do something. I’m willing to go out of my comfort zone and learn new things if that is what it takes. The prices for the stuff that I showcased in the videos above are going to be a few hundred Robux unless it’s more complex, then I might charge a little more.

My PFP Icons, I’d like to sell for 500 Robux or so.


You can contact me via Discord at MerelyMint#8541, or just leave a comment.

I totally get if you don’t want to hire me due to lack of content, and thank you for reading.


Can you script stuff like Datastores and Clothing Systems?

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:wink: That might be the best shirt ever made

Nice work! I’ll consider you for one of my groups!

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Unsure about clothing systems, but definitely not datastores yet. But as I said, I’m willing to learn, and I’ve managed to get certain systems down pretty quickly.

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I’ve worked with MerelyMint on a couple commisions, and I can say he is excellent to work with. He is always dedicated to the project at hand, and he is always learning and improving his skills. I definitely recommend hiring MerelyMint for your next project.

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Hey there!

Tried to send you a friend request on discord to talk about some clothing commission work but it says your tag is invalid, add Lewbae#0007 if you get to see this.

Kind regards,