[OPEN] MrDurpyy - 3D Modeler

About Me

G’day, my name is MrDurpy. I am a 3D Modeler from Australia with 4 years of experience to offer.

Previous Commissions

M1 Military Helmet

Low Poly Revolver

German Webbing Kit

German Stahlhelm Helmet

Rabbit Cube Pet (NO TEXTURES)

Cube Pet "Fire Breather" (NOT TEXTURES)

Availability + Timezone Information

I will be available for around 4-8 hours a day unless something major pops up and I need to get offline. As I am Australian, my timezone is AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)



I do not do commissions for free. If you want to hire me but do not have the option to pay, please do not be offended if I decline.

Development and progression reports. Once I have completed the models, I will send you screenshots of the work. From that point, I request that you provide feedback, and changes you would like to the models. I always want the best for the people who hire me, and by doing this, the people who hire me find more satisfaction with the final product.

My prices are negotiable. After I get information on the project, and getting an idea of your budget, you can give me a price you will be willing to pay, and we can discuss the payment from there.

Ways of payments
I accept USD, and Robux

USD Transactions

Any commissions paid with USD will be done via paypal. The exact process will be decided by you and I in DMS.

Robux Payments

I have listed the ways of transactions bellow:
-Group Funds (Prefered)
-Tshirt 30% tax fee must be covered

I will rarely accept percentages, as commissions from me are usually short term, and not permanent.


You can contact me either here on the devforum, or on discord.

Discord: Ethan!#1111

Thanks for readying, have a good day mate!