[OPEN] Native French Translator

・ About Me

Hi there !
I’m AsolixOffi (Asolix) and i’m a French translator.
I’ve been on the platform for almost 5 years, and I specialize in translating Roblox games. I’ve been translating games since June 2020 and i have started my translator career with the famous game called Tapping Simulator (+85M visits). I know how to do my job in the best possible way. I really want to help the French community to play a game in their language so they have the best gaming experience.

・ Games I’ve Translated:

Tapping Simulator
My Store
Clicker Story
Combat Rift!
Delivery Simulator
Strongman Simulator
Speedman Simulator
Anime Destroyers
Vehicle Legends
Dragon Orbz
Silly Smimon Says


I am available all week from 6pm and on weekends from 12pm. You can contact me at any time.


Prices are negotiable, the base price is 100 R$ or 0.50 usd per string.

・ Contact

I prefer to be contacted on Twitter and Discord, I still check every messages whenever I have time. If you have any questions, about my services and information I have written on my portfolio, here are the 4 ways to contact me:
DevForum : @AsolixOffi
Twitter : @AsolixOffi
Discord : Asolix#1205
Roblox : @AsolixOffi

Thanks for reading ! :wave:


Translated ‘My Store’ quickly and effectively, I can recommend their services to anyone needing French localization.


Thank you for translating Speedman Simulator! Quick and good.

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Thank you it was a real pleasure to work with you, I hope to be able to work with you again in the future.