[OPEN] Native Italian translator for hire!


Hi everyone!

We are Slendss and Stranger, owners of Transitaly!
We are two native Italian speakes and we’re i’m offering high quality English to Italian localization services for low prices.
We’ve both been on Roblox for at least 5 years, and we’ve learnt to speak and write English through playing, as well as reading books and studying it at school.
As of now, we’ve contributed to translating 2 roblox games, most notable of them being Funky Friday.

Slends currently has a B2 English level (passed with C1 score), however, he has just recently enrolled on a course to get a C1 certification, and will get his Cerificate by the start of the summer.

Stranger has passed his English classes with remarkable grades each year as well as having English origins.

We will be able to translate pretty much everything, ranging from single words all the way up to jokes and riddles while maintaining what they where going for in english and keeping the same meaning.

We take our tasks very seriously, and can expect us to translate your game in a matter of 1 to 2 days.

  • The Italian Roblox community is growing at intense speeds, since a lot of popular YouTubers [1M+ Subs, Most notable being LyonWgf] started uploading videos showcasing a great variety of games on the platform.

  • The target audience of these YouTube channels is mainly children who can only speak italian, meaning that if a kid stumbles upon your game and on joining is immediately greeted by a language barrier, their motivation to keep playing the game will most likely vanish in a matter of minutes.

Click on the Game’s title for more information!

Flash Universe ⚡
Funky Friday

We will be available for multiple hours every day, ranging from 3 to 9.
We are both online everday, and will be answering your messages in a very short time as soon as we recieve them.
Please keep in mind that we both live in Italy, meaning that we will be sleeping at certain times, furthermore, we both are still students, but homework rarely takes away hours out of our free time.

We’ve decided not to charge too much for our work since we are looking forward to translate many different games while being affordable to a vast range of developers.

Please keep in mind that our cheap prices are not a synonym of poor work quality.

Robux is the only form of payment accepted at the moment.

45 R$ per cell.
15 R$ for each single word cell.

If you’ve already hired me and wish to do it again, you will receive a loyalty discount on the translation service!

As for form payment, we are only accepting Robux through group payout or purchase of a clothing item or gamepass.

If you are interested in hiring us, join our Discord server and create a ticket!
You can also contact us or comment below if you have any questions.

Our Discord server!

We at Transitaly are wishing you a good day!


Decided to reduce prices by 25% as a discount for the first few people hiring me!


Portfolio has been updated and greatly improved!

What’s new?

  • Added “Past Works” tab!

  • Added loyalty discount program! Check it out under the “payment” tab!

  • Made the portfolio more eye catching and less chaotic!


I had a great experience working with Slendds, he translated Flash Universe in less than a day and he is very easy to communicate with. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to get their game translated to Italian!


Wow, (ti parlo in italiano) sembra un buona idea! Unica cosa, attento agli orari (se non sei italiano) che potrebbero influire.

Hi everyone! Portfolio has been greatly improved (again)!
What’s new?

  • Added images!
  • Updated old and outdated information!
  • Added information about my English level!

We worked with @Slendss to help localize our game, Funky Friday, to Italian. Slendss was very professional throughout our interactions and would recommend him to anyone who is looking to localize their game to Italian.