[OPEN] Need A Terrain Builder/Designer [Name your price]

Hi, just going to keep this quick, Sakura Hotels basically needs a terrain builder/designer.


If interested in the job you will need to make 1 large mountain, and 1 small mountain (for the intro sequence), everything related to nature that will be going on the mountain, a very basic beach at the bottom of the mountain with very basic water, and a small area for hot springs.

Everything has to be done in a sort of low poly style. This means you can use whatever method you want to complete this task but the end result has to look a tad bit cartoony to fit in with the rest of the builds.


Name your price in DM’s.

(The prices I set for the Sakura Hotels recruiting post do not have any correlation whatsoever to my budget for a terrain builder)

Contact Me

Friend me on discord at:

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Hi there! I am interested. Here is my portfolio: [Open] Builder/Terrain Editor

My discord is: sureloxx#7985

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