[OPEN] Need builder for a VR Dungeon Crawler

Hello! I am HappleMan, and I’ve been scripting a Vr Dungeon Crawler (still needs a name) and I need a builder to make the main world map as well as 6+ different segment types for randomly generated dungeons.

The Team

@HappleMan - Scripter
N/A - Builder

The Job

It is preferred but not required that you own some sort of roblox-compatible VR Headset so you can make sure the work looks alright in VR. This is being worked on with an Oculus Quest 2, and I’m not sure how compatible it is with other headsets.

I am looking for a semi-cartoony build with 3 different areas which will be unlockable in the final game.

The 3 areas in the main game will be:

  1. A spawn section with no enemies or dungeons. This area will be for socializing and hanging out This can be a park, a small town, etc.

  2. A castle with 2-3 different dungeon entrances, and some open space for enemies to spawn far away from the player’s path. There should be some space around the castle where players can safely explore.

  3. A desert with a Pyramid containing 2-3 dungeon entrances, and some open space for enemies to spawn far away from the player’s path. There should be some space around the pyramid where players can safely explore.

Edit: I should mention, the layout of these 3 areas (and any additional areas in the future) should be similar to that seen in games like Pet Simulator, where the levels are progressed in a straight line. Unlike Pet Simulator, the transition into the levels should be smooth and not marked by a big wall, arch, etc.

Dungeons will be randomly generated using different types of segments. This makes dungeons more fun, with a varying experience every time.

Here’s a gif of an earlier version of generation with some simple segments.

For each zone (Castle & Pyramid) I need the following types of segments made for the dungeons:

  • An entrance, which can be a door, arch, etc.
  • At least 1 forward hallway segment.
  • At least 1 left turning hallway segment.
  • At least 1 right turning hallway segment.
  • At least 2 enemy spawn rooms.
  • An end segment with a small button. Players will press this button to complete the dungeon and go back to the main game.

I may also need some weapons made, but if you cannot do that it is fine.


My budget for this project is 1000 Robux. I can pay through group funds or asset purchase, but I prefer group funds because they aren’t taxed. I am also willing to try GRP’s asset exchange service if you want a more secure transaction. The 14 day group fund cooldown should hopefully be enough to start or possibly even finish the job. You will receive payment upon completion. If your work is satisfactory, I may want to hire you for future expansions of the game.


You can contact me on Discord, my username is HappleMan#8227. Please show me some of your previous work and let me know how long you think the project may take and how you would like to receive your payment. I will do my best to respond as soon as I can.

Thank you!

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