[OPEN] New Drawing Style!

I’ve been drawing people/close friends for free for a while, but I’ve gotten so many requests that I’ve had to start charging! I’ve also come up with a new drawing style! I really love it.

My commissions are OPEN and I am willing to draw anyone!

[Feedback always appreciated.]


Hey there! I love your work.
Please add me on discord: Adverse#7994

I’m wanting a headshot, what is your base price for a headshot?

Right now since I’m quite new at this, I’m charging 300-900 for a full body, but for just a head shot it could be 200-600 depending on how quickly you need it and the detail.

I also love to draw for people, so if you aren’t able to pay a certain amount, we can always discuss something.

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I’ve added you! Thanks for liking my work!

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Great! I have accepted your request.