[Open % of USD, RBX] BloxxTech looking for developers

After more than 3 months of inactivity, I decided to reopen my Ro-aviation tech group selling airports, seats, planes, and much more. I am looking forward to getting active, professional, and friendly developers in my team. If you are interested, please read the post further and send me your discord tag.

Developement team:

@ambrowiec - UI design
@Toxic_Beams - Scripting
@Vacant - Building
@Vacant - Building

I need two builders who are willing to make three airports for me. The airport theme will be given after you get chosen. Please note that I am always open to suggestions from my developers and I always try to make best environment possible for them to work in.

You can also make custom ordered airports from our customers. In this case, you will be direct messaged by me with an offer.
I plan to make some small models such as the check-in model, or an airport lounge pack.

I need one experienced scripter who can script seats, airports, and other products made by builders. Scripts must be bug-free and will be tested before developer gets his part of the revenue.
We will introduce a self-check-in system very soon. As a scripter, your task will be to fully script it and make it work.

Below you can find two offers accordingly for a scripter and a builder position alongside with proper explanation of the revenue payout system terms and conditions.

Builder offer

As a builder, you will receive Robux/PayPal funds every time someone makes a transaction. My offer to you is 75 % of the earnings in case there is no scripter working with you. In case the scripter is helping you out, your payout will be divided to half. Half for you, and a half for the other developer.

Scripter offer

As a scripter, you will be paid from revenue your product makes in total. Payments are issued every day to your PayPal balance and/or Roblox account. You will work alongside with builders. Every project will be negotiated accordingly with me and the builder you will work with.

In addition to that, please note that the group has just reborn and we need lots of products to be made, so we can headstart with bunch of new assets!


Hey there! I am highly interested in this group and could see a bright future ahead for it. My discord is Scott#3636, and I hope to speak with you soon!

As a builder, I’d like to ask what exactly you would be doing as a manager that justifies the removal of 25% of the earnings for whatever commission is made. I find it hard to see why people would take up such an offer rather than just making 100% of those earnings by directly finding clients themselves. If you could provide some elaboration as to what you will be doing that justifies that, it would be very helpful.

I am interested in the scripter role, contact me on discord Barty 2016#1019

I am interested in the scripter role! My discord is Dev#4731

I take care of all fees and business things, and you get 75% of earnings. If you don’t feel right working for me, don’t do it.

What kinds of fees and business things? Could you please elaborate and be specific

Roblox fees. (30%)
Business things - I am a middleman in payments, I find possible buyers, I take care of payouts on time, I take care of advertising and creating graphical ads and much more.

I’m interesed on scripting contact me :smiley:

Dear developers!

I have already found a scripter candidate fit for my position.
Updating the post: I need two builders for now only

Roblox Development and Planes!! Two of my favorite things added!

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Just a quick note to people who are confused - I will voice interview with you before you get considered for the position!

Looking for builders, still. Closing the recruitement in 3 days

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