(OPEN) (ONE-TIME JOB) Looking for an experienced GUI creator and scripter to make a Character GUI

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About Us

Hi there! I am BenzGamingz, a game developer. I’m looking for someone for a one-time job to create a character GUI.

About The Job

I would like someone to make something look like this. You need to be able to make a hunger system, a character cutomization too and a thirst system.

The character customizer will lead the player to something that looks like this:

For more information on this project, we will give it once you are hired.
Please show a portfolio as well.


Pricing is negotiable, however, I do not have ROBUX at the moment. I will be getting it soon.

Extra Information

Absolutely no free models. I can kick you out if you use free models.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

I can do that please dm me @Clxzed#8551.

I don’t have discord, only DevForum, sorry. Do you have a portfolio?

Do you have a team yet

I’m a one-person team, if that’s what you mean.
But where’s the scripting part? I said I need a UI designer and a scripter for a one-time job.

Yes I can ui design. I don’t script a lot.

A character customization and hunger/thirst system is advanced scripting. Sorry, I’m hiring both for a one-time job. Unless you have proof you can do this, then I can’t hire you.

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I can do this… Its easy

Will my work be credited if so what is the pay.

I don’t have ROBUX at the moment. I would like you to have proof of you scripting.
And also, you have to suggest the price, I will see if I can accept it.

I said I ui design…

I know that, if you read my message above:

I said in the post I need a good scripter and a UI designer, both at once.
It’s not two people.

I’d recommend @TedArthur for this role. He’s one of the best UI designers out there.


Ok so, without discord, it is nearly impossible to hire, without robux too.
This avatar GUI is really hard to make and needs 7k+ robux.

I have already made this myself. I should close this.

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