[OPEN] open world Japanese rpg looking for full time scripter! 30%+50K

About Us

Hi there! We are Ultimate Developers, a small upcoming game development team. Our current project is a Demon Slayer game called Slayer’s World. We are currently looking for a skilled programmer that is able to deliver high-quality code.

The Team

[@Aligami_Sanoru]- UI / Creative Lead

@1DeadBoi - Builder

@tec307 - Secondary builder


You can see our progress so far here:

Game: [Slayer's Rising - Roblox
Group: [UltimateDevelopers - Roblox

A bit of background our last project slayers rising was making about 400k R$ in pre alpha a week. This project is made by the same team and has the same basis as that game except made with a higher quality.

We have a roblox community of around 5000 people.

We have a discord community of around 4000 people.

We are looking for an ACTIVE long term scripter to help push the game towards release and continue to update the game after. You should be able to produce efficient and high quality scripts while working in a fairly large team.

You will be working with both front and back end systems including AI and player vs player interactions (not just combat). For example you may be required to program a training AI / trading system.

Some ‘sneak peeks’


[Slayer's World [AI] [Slayer's Rising Revamp] - YouTube


https://gyazo.com/2a14560e7a9a0b8ec8a55eb9a7e0ef5c 9





In return you will receive up to 30% of game profits with backup payment. We have a budget limit of 50k for getting some of the work done like content scripting is what the game is missing rn.


Contact us on discord at: X²AliUltimate#3750

Or contact me here on dev forums.


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