About Me

Hello! I am a GFX artist with around 3 months of experience, that specializes in making game icons and thumbnails using Photoshop and Blender. My style is a bit over the top, but I haven’t had complaints. I’m newer to making scenes in Blender, but I am confident in my skills and I have gotten a lot of praise on my work.



First scene

First anime thumbnail

Credits to Dofa_ on twitter for making the render of goku. I made the effects of course.

SCP scene I made. It was my second scene.

House scene for practice.

Commission for my friends game, Souljah Vibe.


Icons I made for the Group Satanic Ghoul


I am available for 3-5 hours of work everyday! You can contact me any time, but I am unable to control anything that can come up during the day that can slow my progress.


Prices are negotiable depending on the complexity, Icons range from 150-300 Robux. Thumbnails range from 300-1000 Robux. I prefer group payouts.


I can refuse to do a commission or straight up cancel it when I’m working on it. This can happen for a variety of reasons.


You can contact me on discord tabby#8008 or here on the dev forums!

Thanks for reading have a good day!

Commission sheet

Commission sheet


Your work is great! Might work with you in the future :>

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Thanks! I’ll always be open for the most part.

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Good service! I got my gfx as scheduled and as I asked. Some last minute changes were even accepted. Will most likely work with again :slight_smile:

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Fantastic service! Fast and amazing! Has the upmost respect! Totally recommend if you need a high quality gfx for a reasonable price.

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I think on your commision sheet take off your avatar and the background because that puts more attention on the background then your work.