[OPEN] [% pay I will buy ad's] Hiring dev's for a funding game, it'll be similar to hide n seek

About the job

Hello I am making a funding game to fund a future big game I intend to make down the track anyways I will give a brief overview of the job. The job will be similar to the game hide n seek extreme but the concept will be different, this screen shot should inform you. I will need the builder to make a couple maps with heaps of hiding spots a chest could be randomly generated, UI designer will mainly do shop stuff or map electives and the scripter will have alot of work too much to list here I will give each task as the days go by. Please understand that everything is still in the very early stages and things may change.

The team will consist of 3 people;
Scripter (Will be doing heaps of work you will get a high %)
UI designer


  • Builder & UI designer 1+ year experience
  • Scripter 2+ years experience (Will have to do a lot of work that’s fairly advance)
    (Exemptions may be made if you have outstanding work)
  • Examples of past work or a portfolio

Payment will be by % I will do ad’s to ensure that your works don’t go to waste and that I can lock in alot of funds. There will also be heaps of prompts for users to spend Robux on the game and we will have many game pass’. Once the new game comes out (It will be a while after the funding one) I will pay you guys off with my funds and shut the game down to be fair to make sure the new dev’s don’t get % from your work. This is a rough plan for now but things may change we will work things out latter into the project.
Builder - 20%
Scripter - 35%
UI designer - 10%
If things take a turn I will mix things up a bit and if you guys do really well I will give bonuses out of my funds. Payment will come once game is complete and uploaded, I’ll put out the ad’s hopefully people buy game passes and yeah it’ll be a win a win.
(Very low chance one will buy by taking up the job you are accepting this)

Contact me via discord:

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