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About me:

Hello: My name is Phoca, I am from Mexico and I specialize on programming. I’m currently studying robotic engineering, which is the thing I like most, however, I like the idea from developing games and as I started programming from an early age it helped me to adapt to Roblox and get abilities that are helping me on the university.
Click to show more I have been developing since many years ago, I am currently working for the spanish Roblox community, specifically on the group Español.

Group Español. - Roblox
I’m also using this community and its scope to have a game studio that makes jobs and helps spanish developers to reach their objectives.

Joined Nov 12, '15 Trust Level Regular Groups Programmers, Animators ...


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Name Roblox Anthem Real
Genre Animation
Description A recreation of Roblox’s Anthem video but on a Roblox game.
Link Roblox Game

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Nombre Absent
Genre Single Player
Description A single-player story game with a bot.
Link Gameplay

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Name Half Life Deathmatch
Genre Multiplayer
Description A recreation of the game Half Life Deathmatch.
Link Roblox Game

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Name Isla Español
Genre Hangout
Descripción Hangout to socialize
Link Roblox Game

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Name Universe Español
Genre Platforms
Description 2D Platform game
Link Roblox Game

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Name Lofi Hangout
Genre Vibe Hangout
Description Hangout game with animations and all those things.
Link Roblox Game

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Name Backward
Genre Single player
Description JSingle-player game on first person.
Link Roblox Game

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Name Escape Area 51 Demo
Genre Obby
Description Obby-type game that works as a scripts demo.
Link Roblox Game

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Name Obby Kit Maker
Genre Obby Tycoon
Description A game where you can build obbies
Link Roblox Game

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Name Moon Animator in-game
Genre Animation
Description Scripts to play moon animator on games.
Link Roblox Game

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Crown of
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Name: Español. - Roblox
Description: Social group created on 2017 to have
a place for Spanish community.
The idea is kind of obsolete but it
serves to publish games and projects.
Role: Owner
Members: 250K+

Name: Desarrolladores Español - Roblox
Description: Development group that works as a subsidiary
of Español in which we want Spanish developers
to gain power and publish games.
Role: Co-owner
Members: 500+

Name: The Axolotl Studios. - Roblox
Description: Independent game studio more dedicated to
my games and experiments.
Rol: Founder
Members: 500+

Finished games
Roblox Anthem Real
(3+ If visits 5+)
Universo Español
[V1.4] Vibe -
Lofi Hangout
Backward - Game Jam
Escape Area 51 OBBY
Moon Animator
In-game Player


You can interact with this Trello Embed to see details about the layered clothing that I have made.


My custom toolbox for obby kits or gamekits plugin

Screen KeyCast, ActionHistory and tutorials plugin I made for teaching script.
If video doesnt play, click here



If you want to hire me or work in whatever we are doing on Español Studios. You can do it preferably directly from Devforum sending me a message here.


Work with me

If you are interested on working on projects and games that we make on Español Studios, contact me, we will be making games and paying developers by their work and trying to support them.

Hire Me

If you are interested on contacting me, you can ask me, I don’t have an established price, but it can be negotiated and all that. I don’t use to accept because I almost don’t have time, but it depends of the offer and the work, what I could do as a commission.

Special thanks to @TacodeAdobada , @browniieee, @SakGFX, @RaceCrack and @chabulsqu1

post translated by @chabulsqu1

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I am really interested in your work and I wanted to see how much you could ask for to make models for a tycoon.