[OPEN] Portfolio - Builder

about me :wave:

Hello there! I am Intel, I am a Builder. I have been building for a few years now. Additionally, I had experience in Graphic Designing which I no longer do.

experiences :construction_worker_man:

I have worked or contributed to some groups/projects these are some of them:


showcases :art:


prices :label:

Prices depend on difficulty, size, and other variables. You may set a price and negotiate from there, any low ballers / unrealistic prices will be ignored.

I only accept ROBUX, Stripe and PayPal only.

contacting me :speech_balloon:

You can contact me via Discord @ youfoundintell

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions feel free to contact me too.

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As a suggestion to enhance your business, I was very disappointed when you and your friend @EvanBuckley ditched my project halfway after having committed to it. Iā€™d suggest for the good of the business aspect of what you do, please do not leave projects hanging, as it does affect the progress of a game. Good quality builds, but please enhance your customer service.