[Open] Professional Scripter and Builder


About me:

Hello! I’m Galaxy. I am a professional scripter, I mainly script projectile based tools such as guns or voice activation magic wands. I am also an intermediate builder. I work with terrain, not parts.

When I can work:

I can work most days, as I am not very busy currently, and I will work on an average of 1-5 hours per day.

How to contact me:

Message me on the Forums and Ill give you a way to contact me such as disc.

Examples of my work:

Voice activation magic wands, try them here: Wand Testing - Roblox

Map I made in 30 minutes:

Games I have made assets for:

Wands and map: Wand Testing - Roblox
Wands and scripting: no - Roblox
Map: [PRE-ALPHA] Boston Remastered - Roblox - The game is currently in pre-beta so it costs robux to play.


Small Job: 3K - 25K robux or 200R$ per hour.

Medium Job: 15K - 50K robux or 500R$ per hour.

Large Job: 30K - 75K robux or 1000R$ per hour.

Extreme Job: 50K+ robux or 2000R$ per hour.

Payment can also be negotiable.

Hope to work with someone soon!

Wait, does the R$ mean robux or real life dollars.

If it’s real life money I recommend to charge lower because if you work five hours for a extreme job, you can earn 10,000 dollars per day. Many people on the dev forum can’t even afford a small job for 3-5 hrs.

NOTE: This is my opinion if its real life money.

He means either 50k for the whole job, or 2k robux per each hour he spends on it.

oh ok
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I mean robux, I DO NOT take real life money.

Hey I am interested in your services. Add me: will#4070

Sent you a friend request on disc.