[OPEN] Programmer Required

Starbyte Interactive is a newly founded team of developers focusing around creating games to entertain the platform.


  1. Lead Developer - @ GryvesRBX
  2. Digital Rendering - @ DejaVu_Loop
  3. Digital Illustrating - @ Ep1cDrew

Here, at Very Spicy Games we have a game in-development, that is visually fully finished, and only the last 20% of the game needs to be programmed, monetization is thought of, marketing is thought of, the game is pretty much done. All we are in need of is a skilled scripter.

The job involves general programming.
Scripting systems, gameplay core, mechanics, interfaces, etc.
You’re required to have a somewhat reputation in development and a great portfolio of work.
You’ll be required to finish everything that has to be done in a fair amount of time, and continue developing the game hence you will own 20% of the shares.

As stated above in the title, and in requirements you’ll receive 20% of the game shares.

If you are interested, please contact me on the DevForum through DMs.

Could you please tell us what is required of the scripter? The Requirements section gives you no information about the actual task.


Well, what I can see that is left to do is:

  • A few bug fixes.
  • Implementation of a VIP System (with specific perks).
  • Implementation of a Global Leaderboard & Shout system.
  • Small UX Fixes that relate to the scripting part.
  • Future work on the game after release.

Still looking for applicants.

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I believe the reason you aren’t getting many applications is because 20% of game profits is way too little. You should raise it, or offer payment regardless of if the game succeeds or not.

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20% of the game profits for less than 10% of the scripting left to do from the game is too little?

  • I got applicants, just not the ones that matched the quality of the rest of scripting.

You’ve also mentioned that you’re required to continue work after release.
The reason the people who applied might not be the best is because they are more likely to take on tasks regardless of payment. More serious scripters know their worth, and need to be compensated properly for their time.

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Well of course if unsatisfied with the earned amount from the shares, I’ll also pay an extra each time I’m asking of an implementation. Guess, I forgot to mention that.

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