[OPEN] [R$100K+] Looking For a Programmer and Graphic Designer for a Upcoming Simulator [1/2]

About Us

Hi There! We are Catalyst Development! We are an upcoming game development team, which as of now only consists of me, but we are looking to expand, and hire a team of professional and talented individuals.

The Team
@iFrost_ed- Found/UI/UX/Building/Marketing
@CouldBeYou- Programmer
@CouldBeYou- Graphic Designer

About The Jobs


As the Programmer you must be able to complete the following tasks:
-Fully working pet system(Inventory,Hatching,Evolving,Etc.)
-Shop (Such as Ninja Legends, or Saber Simulator)
-Daily Rewards(Collectible chests every 24 hours)
-Core Mechanics (Will be explained in DM’s/Once Hired)
Of course there will be more, but that is still to be determined in the future.

Graphic Designer

As the Graphic Designer you must be able to complete the following tasks:
-Advertisements that will stand out
-New game logos, and thumbnails for updates


As of now we are paying in percents, I will receive 45%, the Graphic Designer will receive 5% and the Programmer will Receive 50%

Backup Payment:
I’m going to be running close to 250k on release on sponsors, ads, etc.
I won’t run them all in one day, so if the game initially fails on release I will be distributing the following payment to the team:
Programmer: 75k
Graphic Designer: 25k for each thumbnail + 10k For the Logo

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at Agro#6413
You must be 15 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Interested! I’ll send a request on discord. Xeveryi#4254

Hello! Maybe @MrDerpSavage could be of some help!

Interested! I sent a friend request :relaxed:

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Hey! I’m a professional GFX designer! I’d love to help with this project! Hit me up on discord at LEV#0001

I m interested to work with you as I m a professional gfx artist , Feel free to contact me on discord : Ay-Men#7917

I am a experienced, professional GFX artist. I have been doing this for the last 2 years, here’s an example of my work:

I do not chat through discord, this is a really good way. On DevForum, all messages are moderated so no one can get scammed. Message me via DevForum if you’re interested in hiring me, :+1:

I’m interested! I sent you a friend request. Trito#3914

@MrDerpSavage is a really good GFX designer!

The Graphic Designer Position is now closed.

This is alot of robux you are paying, do you have any proof of funds?

Sorry but recently someone attempted to scam people and now im asking this to everyone who pays alot :laughing:

Just found this on his profile in the games section, a fake adopt me gamepass game that he makes money from.

Just a warning, not saying he actually owns this, though, its on his acc


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