[Open, R6/R15] Animator For Hire

About Me
Hello, I am Medium Skilled Animator, Just because I got some time I decided to make some animations or/and work for your game.
Newest Creations: https://streamable.com/96a88n https://streamable.com/ggpsnt https://streamable.com/3gulvt https://streamable.com/vph1h2
Old Animations With a Bit Fame: https://streamable.com/2emngc https://streamable.com/k5cww9

Nearly whole day im procrastinating , so whole day of free time. (only if not working on side projects).
You can contact me by this discord: Good Morning , Morioh!#1418

5-20 robux 1-5 seconds animations
5-15% For game
Beyond 5 seconds i will raise robux depending on hardness of animation

Thanks For reading, Have a good day and wear your damn mask to help others :mask: