{ OPEN } Ratel's Building + Modelling Portfolio

About Me

Hello! My name is Ratel and I am open to building commissions. The detail-level I’m best at is mid-poly, but I am trying to reach for mid-poly in my works. I will build anything to the best of my ability, but I prefer making homely builds, like schools, and houses, but I have trouble making more futuristic builds. I have been building for 1.5 (or 1.25) years on Roblox and has been working in Blender for 1.5 months.

I will not be taking large-scale commissions for now.

I haven’t really worked for any games, but I have done a couple of commissions.


I know the whole point of a portfolio is to have a portfolio to show, but I don’t actually have much to display. I am planning on building my portfolio soon.

Here are some screenshots of my building work

Here are some screenshots of my modelling work


My schedule is pretty wacky, but for the majority of the summer I will be available.


Prices are negotiable, but we will discuss the payment first. I have experience with being scammed out of my work, so I prefer being paid 50% up front. I will not use it until the build is finished. I only take Robux as payment. It depends on the size and detail of the build, but my prices will range from 100-2500 robux.


You can find me on Discord. ratel#2215

Thank you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
(also if there is anything wrong with my portfolio or procedures and stuff, please tell me)

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I believe I’m ready for commissions again!