(OPEN) Recruiting Scripter for Educational Game [50/50 Split]

About Us

Hi there! I am Zealous_Potato, the head of Nutmeg Entertainment! I am looking to build a partnership with a scripter long term to help break us into the educational market with our new studio! I have many years experience in narrative work, as well as building and worked on Hallow’s Eve '17 with Swift Dev!

About The Job

I am looking for a scripter to join me long term in developing historical education games to use submit for the ‘education’ sort. A qualified candidate would know how to do UI Coding, Cutscenes, basic AI work, character creation screens, vehicles, gamepasses, cameras, and more and preferably would have at least 1 game shipped.

The game itself will be singleplayer and focused heavily on story based elements, not seen on Roblox much with the goal of pushing the genre in a way that hasn’t been done yet utilizing the tools Roblox is making available to us now. We will be also pushing for the educational value games can have on Roblox, and attempting to work with schools post-launch. Although the story will allow for player choice, it will always have educational lessons mixed in. The game design doc is nearly finished, and will be able to provide much more detail should you sign on!


Unfortunately due to the market crashing as well as personal info at home, I do not have anything to offer at the moment, though when I can I am more than willing to send USD payments, as well as share a 50/50 cut on all profits made on the game, which includes profits coming from offsite such as website ads, etc. I know this is not ideal and I hate offering it as I myself do not like accepting jobs such as this, but it is all I can offer at this time.

Contact Me

You can contact me here on the forum, or @ZealPotato_RBLX on Twitter
ZealousPotato#0502 on Discord!

Thanks you for your interest and I hope to talk to you further about how we can push some new genres on Roblox!

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