(OPEN) Requiring a Builder for my Restaurant Group!

Who we are and Who we Strive to Be

Hello! We are Francesco’s Restaurant Franchise, a multipurpose roleplay community that focuses on serving customers and creating a fun time! We specialize in our French dishes that have been passed down throughout generations of the French culture. We want to create a fun place for people to be themselves and have fun. But to do this, we need the actual game itself. As it standing, 2 of our developers recently resigned. We look forward to hiring a new builder! Before we get into payment and extra information, please read over our terms of service!

Terms of Service

1.1 No questions/arguments on the payment are to occur. Payments are final and will only change if requested by the Head Developer or an Executive Vice President+
1.2 Must be over the age of 13. Failing to abide by this rule will get you removed from this project.
1.3 From taking on the position, you are agreeing to build the Restaurant, Event Center, and Training Center. (You’ll be working in a team, so you won’t be building these by yourself.
1.4 You agree to not argue amongst the other developers. Failing to do so can result in a removal from the project.
1.5 You agree to due dates. If you ask for a later time, you’ll get an extension. If we notice you aren’t working, we will remove you from the project.
1.6 You agree that if you are removed from the project, you’ll only get a portion of the commission.

The Current Development Team
@juIasmaid - Project Director (Not on the Dev Forum)
@aaiate - Project Manager (Not on the Dev Forum)
@AviaBasil - Head Developer and Scripter
@DarkTerminal - Builder

Extra Information About the Job

We are seeking a professional builder who is willing to put the time and effort into this project. We want someone who is willing to speak up for themselves when they are confused or want to give feedback. We need someone who is kind, and at sometimes flexible with the recourses provided. We hope you are willing to be a long time builder, but if you decide to quit the project after the commission its fine. Also, you’ll get invited to a Roblox group and discord server among approval. This is so we can communicate better amongst developers.

Reference/Building Explications

Reference will be given if you become apart of our Development Team (this is due to multiple complications). For expectations, we expect you to have building skills near to the Coast Grill Game, and Chicken Shack Game.


We are hoping to pay around 10k-15k with a 5% bonus. We will pay you according to your effort and skill, with a max of 15k and a low of 10k as a payment. All payments will be through gamepass or tshirt methods. Before we pay you the full amount, we’ll be paying 20% of the commission to gain your trust.

Contacting Information

There are multiple ways to contact us. I ask you contact one of these 3 individuals.
Founder | juIaismaid - syl#2112 (priority)
Executive VP | MyLiees - jack.#0001
Executive VP | aaiate - atm#9999

Discord Server Invite: Discord
When you arrive, please look in #bulletin. It has the Roblox group link.

(Please ignore the fact that we don’t have any graphic designs yet, I commissioned someone to make them like 2 days ago.)

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