[OPEN] Restaurant Interior Builder

About Babikú

Babikú is a Korean style barbeque, our main goal is to ensure all our customers are satisfied with the service provided! We strive to introduce mouthwatering Korean Cuisine right here on ROBLOX while establishing a positive atmosphere amongst our community.

Check out our Group for more information.

About The Job

We are looking for an experienced developer to build the interior of a city-themed restaurant. The restaurant must include three floors (main dining room, staff lounge, VIP roof top). More information can be found via discord direct messages.


Payment will begin at 50USD or 15K robux and can be negotiated. You will be paid after the entire task is completed. We can pay through Paypal, venmo, and/or cashapp.

Contact Us

Send a direct message to @BharbieBoy either on the ROBLOX DevForum or on discord. (queb#7266)


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