[Open] RNB Event is searching owner from scary games to participate to an event!


About the RNB Event

My name is Thomas, me and my team was thinking to make an brand new event similar to RB Battles events and we decided to make a brand new event concept where all player from all over the world will can participate and maybe go in finals :eyes:. We decided to name the event: Roblox Nightmare Battle Event (RNB) ,because this brand new event is a scary event were the player will need to compete from random player in a random scary game each week. Each week there gonna have 5 to 10 depends on how much game want to participate to the event. There is gonna have secret weapons, can be unlock by solving puzzles… We are currently searching developpers


  • Your game need to be scary
  • I don’t want difficult challenge or make the competition too much longuer like some game in the metaverse.
  • :no_entry_sign: Paid games

Game who they are participating:

:night_with_stars: Ro-Nightmares BETA (Demo)



Ro-Nightmare Teaser Trailer! (Roblox Little Nightmares) - YouTube

The Asylum [Horror]



The Asylum Chapter 2 | ROBLOX Game Trailer - YouTube

Jigsaw’s Revenge



There is no payment because it’s an event where the player play your games = Robux. The event sill be sponsor on every platform, twitter, discord, roblox devforum and youtube.

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the devforum or on discord and twitter.

Devforum: @pushy1511
Discord: Ti-Thom # 0349 (no space)

Thank you for reading!

From: RNB Team :slight_smile:

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