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Hello Everyone!
This is Lxgic, formerly known as Kuro (which I regret naming myself)
I have been on ROBLOX for 4 years and I started developing as a builder a few months after I started playing ROBLOX. I guess I have some experience. I can make a LOT of stuff including maps, though they might take some time to make. I can do logo designs, thumbnails, game icons too, and I’m alright at drawing UI’s too! I can only use ROBLOX Studio since I do not know how to use blender.

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These are some of the builds I made.


I can go low-poly

Or I could give you all the realism you want :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tower Of Pisa SHOWCASE

Hunter X Hunter
Heavenly Tower or whatever its called

Kukuru Mountain (volcano)

Club Evolution {SHOWCASE}

Fruition, A ROBLOX showcase.

Stranded, a Planet showcase.


Sci - Fi - Swat Van

That’s all I’ve done regarding vehicles for now…

Renders (All of these builds are mine)

render examples -

seaside house thing

london(ish) type house



I’m available 4 to 7 hours a day.

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Prices can be discussed in DMS, minimum I take is 400 R$ or $5 through paypal.

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You can add me on Discord at - Lxgic#6036 or
DM me on Twitter - @Mistologic

That’s all folks!
Thank you for checking out my Portfolio! <3


eep, will add more as i make more stuff

Man you really got good at building!

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Ty! I believe I can do better!

He is really talented & was able to make my request fast and with everything I wanted. He also applied changes to to the logo several times which makes him a good logo designer

tysm! very appreciated, thank you for taking time to make this review.