[OPEN] Roblox Scripter

Hey I’m TinyFlair! I’m a scripter and I am 17 years old.

What can I code?
I can code a game like Jailbreak and a kind of a game like piggy! I can also code a game like other games but please try your best to keep your game idea original if not its ok.
I have coded many games before including mine.

We will discuss more about payment Privately Just so we can keep it between ourselves.

Time Zone
My time zone is Est!


  • Pause System
  • A Speed Run Game
  • A Prison game (Not Fully coded cause I quit due to school)
  • Ect.


  • You Have to have Discord (My Discord is TinyFlair#9700 )
  • Must be 13+

How To Hire Me
You can hire me by Messaging me through dev forum message system, Discord, Twitter (TinyFlairr)

See you Guys Later!