Open | Rudy's Programming portfolio

Hi there, welcome to my portfolio. I’m looking forward to work with you!

I’m only looking for serious offers in organized and professionals teams.

From time to time, I’m contributing to amazing open-source repositories.

Noticeable projects:

Past works, (personal projects/commisions)

Ordering System

Made for Delights Simple system for ordering food/drinks.

AutoShade plugin

My Plugin allows you to color your builds in the fastest way.

Custom Random Module

My Module allows you generate all types of data, like Color3 or a material.

I’m a 16 years old Full-Stack Programmer from Poland. Currently, I’m a high school student in a class with programming profile. I have a few years of experience in fields like programming and game design. I mostly code in Luau and Typescript, I always give 100% when it comes to the job. I’m open to all feedback or criticism, as those things build a good game programmer. In my free time, I’m aviation fan. I plan to make a glider license this year.

Programming languages that I know:

  • Luau
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript

Programs and tools I use:

  • Rojo - For all Roblox programming
  • Remodel - For CI automation
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Visual Studio
  • Git

I can work up to 3 hours a day on a weekday and 3 - 5 hours on weekends except for Sunday.
My timezone is GMT + 1

Make sure to get in contact with me first, because My schedule might be quite busy due to school.

I’m happy to work for hour-based payment, or per asset. My base hour rate is 15usd (or Robux equivalent).

Note: Not accepting percent. However hybrid payment(Percent + USD / Robux) is possible.

The best way to contact me is through Discord: Rudy#8406

I’m most likely to respond in a few minutes or so (I don’t respond at the night time)


Can recommend Rudy, he gets the work done in no time. Based.


I think you should put your showcase section under your about me section.

To be honest I always put showcase first because most people would rather check out my work than read a paragraph about my life.

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  • Opened portfolio for one commission.
  • Added more things into the showcase.
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I just reopened the portfolio!
Also added few new things to the showcase. :eyes:

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