[OPEN - SALE!] IJustDavi | Cheap Modern UI Designer and Spanish Translator

:mexico: Versión en español

Portafolio introducción 1
Hi there! My name is IJustDavi, I am offering my services as a UI Designer and Spanish Translator.
I have more than 6 months of experience designing game interfaces.

Portafolio introducción 2

Here are some screenshots of my UI Designer work

I mainly make the designs in Adobe XD, however this is a design made by me using the tools supplied by Roblox Studio (in spanish):

My greatest achievement to date is collaborating for the Español. group, where I am currently an administrator.
My native language is Spanish and I am fluent in Spanish-English as a student.

Portafolio introducción 3
I am available for four to seven hours of work on the weekends.
You can contact me any time, but I am unable to work during the week due to school and another real-life works.

Portafolio introducción 4

  • I will not accept NSFW orders or that are against Roblox terms of use.
  • I will not accept requests from users who disrespect me, I have the right to be treated in the correct way.

Portafolio introducción 5
The payment can be done with Robux or PayPal.
Prices are negotiable. Sale ends on limited time.
UI Design service

  • Full game: :robux_gold:400, USD$3.50
  • 1 menu (example shop and settings interface): :robux_gold:100, USD$1
  • 1 asset (example empty button or window): :robux_gold:10, USD$0.2

Spanish Translation service

  • Full game: :robux_gold:250, USD$3.50
  • 1 word: :robux_gold:5

If you pay by gamepass/shirt/PayPal you must assume the sales commission.

Portafolio introducción 6
You can contact me…

  • here on the Developer Forum
  • via Discord (IJustDavi#0001)
  • via Twitter

Portafolio final

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I will also accept any suggestions, thanks!


Those are pretty good UI’s, keep it up.


Hello, very good portfolio and cheap. I send you a request for discord asd @sebasDev #3439.


Are you telling him or me, because you replied to me.

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Renewed portfolio with a sale!

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