[OPEN] SaltEthan - GFX Artist

Hello there! I am SaltEthan, but you can call me Ethan! I am a 3D Artist/GFX Artist trying to make quality work and improve! I try as hard as possible in every single work I make! I hope you like my work!

Here are some of my GFX

I am available for as much work as possible on the weekends, but usually I am unavailable to work for as much time due to school. Because of the recent Corona Virus pandemic, I can work for longer during the weekdays but do keep in mind I still have tasks and other things to do instead of school.

Prices are negotiable, but here is my pricing sheet.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum but I prefer to be contacted via Twitter or Discord.
Discord: SaltEthan#9547
Twitter: @SaltEthan (Underscore is at the start and finish)

Thanks for reading, hope you like my GFX!


Amazing realisitic work for such a small price to pay.
Iā€™d totally hire SaltEthan as a cheap alternative to someone like i5k!

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EDIT: Added some newer work that is higher quality!

Really cool work. Added you on discord

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