[OPEN] Scripter, Animator for hire

About Me

Hi there my name is Obsolete, I’m 17 and my timezone is AEDT! I am offering my services as a Scripter or an R6 Animator but I prefer Scripting. I’ve been working on a Big project that i started last year working on and off for couple months but for now I’ve postponed it since i can’t work on a big game by myself with such little time.


In my project I have created a combat system that contains; parry system, block system, Combo system (5 punch cooldown) and an ability where you can break the block and it stuns the player (Kick or M2). It also has a running System and a Dash System(Kinda buggy rn).
This is the Project I’ve been working:

Pet System



I am available mostly after school and sometimes before school and I’m available most of the time in the weekends.


Robux or USD


You can only contact me on discord: lilchig12#1224
You can also try Direct messaging me on Roblox but i hardly look at my messages in Roblox i Use Discord more often

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


still looking to be hired discord is lilchig12#1224

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P.s pls dont try to scam scripters we have the power to complete destroy your game if u scam us also I do work first then payment

Currently looking for a scripter to collab with on a (kinda simple-ish?) game idea of mine. Sent you a friend req on Discord (OtakuSim13#7069), accept my req if you’re interested.

accepted your friend request mine is lilchig12#1224

Would you be willing to join a group and make multiple games for it?

If you’re still looking for some work add me back on discord @ ||#0003

Are your commissions still open? Your discord doesn’t seem to work

Hi, I’m interested in your work. Contact me on Discord, iamsoarte#2312

Please friend me on discord I would like to talk with u Th3kiddt#8257