[OPEN] Scripter Needed for Gun System

About The Job

I am looking for someone to script some guns. Each gun should function like a gun, with Reloading, Shooting, Idle Holding, Aiming Down Sights, Crosshair w/ Recoil & Equipping The Gun.

Example of a System I am looking for

Unequipped Gun

Example of all the guns functions
robloxapp-20200921-1651231.wmv (5.0 MB)
Each guns settings should be easily customizable, as in, I would be able to edit the gun to,

A) Fire Faster
B) Do more Damage
C) Change Firing Mode (Automatic, Semi Auto)
D) Change amount of Ammo in a gun

There will be about 7-9 guns for you to script, the guns will be similar with the exception of being automatic or having more rounds per reload. Maybe a Taser. Will be decided during negotiations.


I will pay a negotiable amount per gun as decided when discussing commission. I have a flexible budget so do not be afraid to ask for a given price.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum

As of this time, no other methods of communication are available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for reading! :smile:

Offering a 1000 Robux Referral Payment, If you suggest someone, and they accept the offer, you will receive 1000 robux as payment for your referral. Payment is negotiable. Still Open.

Job as a Scripter - #27 by Th_Nub if you need Scripter.

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