[OPEN] Scripter needed to polish a finished game

About The Job

Hello my name is Fonix, me and my team have been making our game for a few months now called Elimination Island, a round based game like the TV Show Survivor. However we have hit a brick wall with our scripter. The game is 90% scripted, only thing missing is a bit of monetization and a bit of adjustments. Your task as our scripter is to polish the game, make it run smoother, and improve scripts that need improving.

The game: 🌴 Elimination Island [Beta] 🌴 - Roblox?

* List item

Due date: I believe 2 weeks is fair and realistic upon finalizing the deal, however I’m a chill guy and I’m flexible so don’t worry anything is negotiated.

Payment for the task is 250 USD.

Contact info:

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