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About Me

Hi, my name is Lucas and I’m 16 years old. I’m a Roblox player since 2014, I began experimenting in Roblox Studio roughly 2 years ago. I also own a cafe (McLucas) with 400+ members which is 50% made by me.
And I got the The Gold Crown of O’s which I’m really proud of haha.:joy:

I’m a programmer and builder, I would say Programming is my strength. I also do GFX, GUI and I’m learning to model but that’s not ready yet.
Roblox Profile

I’m currently looking for a Short OR Long term project. I also do commissions.

Past Experience

I don’t have much experience working with/for people but down below you can see all of them.

McLucas Gui

Game icon 12.01.2021

Showcase Game GUI

Untitled (22)
(The white bacground is transparent)

McLucas Script

Tween GUI


Menu System


There are many other smaller things in that game where I have worked on, feel free to visit the Game!

Showcase Game Script

Main Menu

robloxapp-20210516-1643292.wmv (2.2 MB)

Shop Entry

robloxapp-20210516-1646446.wmv (2.7 MB)

I have a showcase game, feel free to play it! NOTE: It is still WIP and it will be updated
Most recent update: Added Fight Area with teams and team change abilities.


I’m available 5-6 days a week unless when I’m on vacation, but I will communicate about that.
My time zone is BST, I check my discord messages every evening, I might be at school when you contact me.


I only accept Robux or Gift Cards. But this is negotiable.
(1000-50000 R$)
It really depends on the job.


You can contact me via Discord (lucasssz#1687)

Thank you, hopefully, I see you soon!

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