[OPEN] Scripters Needed for Upcoming Prison Game

About us

Hello! I’m ShadowBomb360, and I’m looking to create an awesome prison themed game.

About the Project

The project dosen’t have a actual name yet, so the placeholder is Prison Break. I am looking to create an atmosphere within the game that is more tilted in the police favor, so it makes it harder for the prisoners to escape. The game has been about 1/2 weeks in development and I already got some of the map fleshed out. I have built the prison, and most of the map is completely subject to change.

What you will be scripting

You will be scripting:

-Tools that can destroy things like vents, dirt, or walls.
-If it’s daytime then you can get shot if you make an escape attempt outside.
-Remote Functions and Events and Bindables (Such as the schedule and doors opening at certain times of the day
-Detectors that will raise an alarm if your a prisoner walking through it at night
-Additional needs may come up as the project progresses


-At least 13 Years Old
-Have at least 4-5 hours minimum a week (Recommended to be around 8 hours)
-Advanced knowledge of scripting
-Have flexibility as I change the map and add new things

** I currently have no time limit set for this project, but don’t take forever. **


Completely negotiable, but current payment is 50% of all profits are to the scripter.

DM me on the dev forum, or Discord.
My tag is sammy#9904

Article will be updated as time goes on.

Screenshots of Map

Ignore the red lights.

Additional details available on request.

Alright! That’s about it! If your interested, you know where to go!

Why do you think this game will succeed over all of the other prison games out there?


This actually needs bindables, not remotes. Remote events/functions are
client -> server
which would make it possible for a client to edit. You dont want to do that. Bindables are
ServerScript -> Other ServerScript(s)
Allowing them to execute the code


this one is pretty much a prison escape simulator not like the other ones
or atleast that’s what i understood

I think it has maybe a decent chance because I was aiming for a different atmosphere with this one instead of “shooty shooty rob banks” Kind of game

I focused more on the life within the prison and the escape

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Not a scripter, but I’d suggest getting some critique on your building skills in the “building-support” subforum or hiring a builder as the building currently is sub-par current popular prison games. If you want to compete with them your building has to be equally as good as your scripting.

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Alright. I will take note of that.

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