[OPEN] Scripting Portfolio - a987a

About Me

Hello there! I am offering my services as a scripter. I have been scripting on Roblox for 3 years now. I can make things like weapons, data saving, tweening, raycasting, and hit detection. I am not looking to do complex systems or full games but things like an ability or a weapon.


Here is a link to my playlist of my work:

Also a few Gifs:
I guess I should include this too since this is also something I made I want to show


I check discord everyday unless something comes up


I only take robux payment
Prices are based on the commission, somewhere between: 500-2500


You can contact me on discord at a987a#9543


Please give me detailed explanation of what you want and along with the amount of robux you are willing to pay for it. Please dont message me something like “uhh hello, are you a scripter?”(I will most likely ignore you)


lol xd funny, Hi a987a xd xd lol

Hello TheScriptBlox, what does “lol xd funny, Hi a987a xd xd lol” mean?

lol xd funny, Hi a987a xd xd lol

Please read the whole thing, mostly the About Me and Other section