Open Scripts Panel


As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to navigate all of your open scripts if you have more than 7 open at once (or 4 if in Team Create).

The issue

Modular code, which Roblox is increasingly pushing for and using internally, requires opening a lot of scripts.

A horizontally-layed out list of horizontally-long items is a bad combination! Only about 4 script fit in the tab bar in Team Create, and about 7 outside of Team Create!

Most editors solve this issue with file explorer trees, usually on the left side. Roblox has this, but it’s also mixed in with other game data, and ultimately it becomes too hard to navigate. The horizontal tab bar is also hard to navigate, leaving me frustrated whenever I need to switch tabs.

A proposed solution

A vertically-layed out panel of tabs would allow me to see many tabs and switch between them with ease. In fact, I use one of these in my browser!

I don’t mind implementing a plugin for this myself, but there are no APIs for getting a list of open scripts! An API for getting a list of open scripts is a better solution, in my opinion. Anything streamlined that gets me to a vertical list of open tabs will make me happy!


Hotkeys for jumping to tabs would also be greatly appreciated! ( or API support for swapping tabs)

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Theoretically, you don’t need an API to get a list of open scripts. StudioService has the property ActiveScript which returns the script currently being edited by the user.

What you can do is listen for ActiveScript changing and add scripts to your list when it does. Then, add a way to remove them from the list once you’re done with them.

While you won’t have the same list as that given by the tabs, you will meet your desired use-case.


I know this isn’t the solution you’re looking for, but I highly recommend rojo, which lets me use Sublime Text 3 instead of Roblox Studio. This has been a productivity lifesaver.


Biggest annoyance for me with rojo is no 2 way syncing.
Heard it’s in progress though!