[OPEN] Shepp2004 - composer

About Me

Hi! I’m Shepp and I am a composer. I have played the violin and piano for around 7 years, but I love composing game music. I like to compose in a variety of styles :slight_smile:


These are some examples of my songs:

“Noob Party”

“The Gladiator (sample)”

“Hide and Seek”

“Retro Flare”

“New Day”


“Upbeat Energy”

“Pure Paradise”


I am available for two hours of work on weekdays but up to four hours on the weekends.


  • 0-1 min song ~ 3k Robux / 15 usd

  • 1-2 min song ~ 4k Robux / 20 usd

  • 2+ min song ~ 5k Robux / 25 usd

  • Game soundtrack (up to 8 songs) ~ 30k Robux / 150 usd

  • Written score ~ an extra 2k robux / 10 usd

If you are paying with usd I would appreciate it if you used PayPal.
I will accept % if the game is nearly finished, and I can test it out. The % can be negotiated


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or on Discord.
My discord is narno2013#4914

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ll consider me as your game composer! :smiley:


Very clean, very nice. I love the work! :sunglasses:


Thank you for the feedback!
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Woah! An inspiration to a new composer like me!


Hey, I really liked your work. I need a background music for my game
I added you on Discord (mine is Majd#0840), I would to work with you.

I added you :slight_smile:
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dang it i need robux to hire you sooooo badly lol

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