[OPEN] Sky’s Digital Education


Greetings DevForum Users! I am Sky and I have a mission of running a non profit organization around helping kids (teens) and young adults learn Roblox studio and what it has to offer. We just opened are are accepting enrollment for the classes that we provide that will be listed below. Aside from students we are looking for staff. If you have any experience please message me of comment below

Services and Placement

Part of the Sky experience is we provide you with a placement test to see where you belong. It is a 50 question test specifically made for the area you want to learn and master. Taking this we can figure out your level of knowledge in the field and place you in the right course. This is an option and not required and you can place yourself in whatever class you want. Classes last about three months. If you pass you can move forward if you’d like


Scripting brings your game to life. Without Scripting there is no functionality to the game. Scripting is a very important skill to learn and master especially for solo projects.

Currently we offer:

  • Scripting Fundamentals
  • Scripting Intro and Basics
  • Scripting I
  • Scripting II
  • Scripting III
  • Scripting IV
  • Scripting V
  • Scripting Analysis
Art & Animation

We currently offer:

  • Animations Intro-VII
  • GFX Intro-V
  • Clothing Intro-II

We all want to make money within our games rather it be a lot or just a little. These courses help you make and have the chance of making as much as you can.

We currently offer:

  • Monetization Basics-III
  • Ad Design Intro-IV
  • Clothing Basics-VI
  • Gamepasses Intro-II
"Building & Modeling

We offer:

  • Modeling Intro-VII
  • Building Intro-IX
  • Functional Builds Intro
  • Functional Models Intro

Classes fill up fast so apply ASAP leave a comment below or send me a dm to enroll. We appreciate all the support and love the community brings. This is our way of bringing it back to the community and helping those developers who are in need and needing help. All classes will be on a lms