[Open source] 2 TD Grassland theme'd maps

3rd one in awhile! this time I bring you snow & summer!
Enjoy and give me feedback! :happy3:




Summer_GrassLand.rbxm (86.1 KB)
Snow_GrassLand.rbxm (87.3 KB)
Snow_GrassLandgfx.obj (2.6 MB)
GrassLand.obj (2.5 MB)


Thanks for the open-source! :slight_smile: I’m sure many people will appreciate it!

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Thanks! really appreciate it! :happy2:

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About the summer theme’d one, just add water in the middle! i forgot to publish it with it!

Great job! Hope to see more awesome in the future!

Been practicing! thanks alot! :happy2:

opinion @Miles_1king? you gotta use it doe

idk. But the next TD game is the two themed maps but added some modifications.

The game will be “Vacation Defense”

When the player, lose the cabin that is reinforced by planks will broke.

During winter mode (gamemode), the grassland become winter themed.

Edit: I’m working on Team block destroyer and Harbor TD so it can take longer.

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Make it into one whole game, like TDS!

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Also what happened to the FamedPixel in winter map?

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The lake turned into ice soo froze the legs

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Did you mean his stuck? If it’s not stuck that means it’s legs broke because turned into ice.

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him legs are stuck and frozen


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