[OPEN SOURCE] Administration Panel

I’ve been working on a simple administration panel that has simple functions including: Warn,Serverban,and kick. I may implement more later on.

Press F to open it

(Thanks to the users on devforum who helped me patch my bugs and errors)

The UI was inspired by @Yeita

The panel is unexploitable as only whitelisted users can fire the remotes meaning exploiters wont be able to fire them.

I’ve also made it so when you get 3 warnings the server will kick you. The warnings notification GUI is also tweened by me which is a nice feature.

Gif of the Warn function: https://gyazo.com/011304c200b8ec9626d8e5a5a67b5fff
Gif of the ServerBan function: https://gyazo.com/8a85a2555ecc5bda34f63b1cebd40d12
Gif of the Kick function: https://gyazo.com/cb68869187fb065a41b1dc96994c0c39

Link to the panel: https://www.roblox.com/library/5860957592/Administration-Panel


If I were you, I’d change up the UI to make it more unique rather than having it look very similar to @Yeita 's panel. Other than that, good creation!


That would be nice if you add more function buttons like Server Message And Message And Private Message And Perm Ban And Kick And Private Message (because exploiters and players can see chatlogs with a way.) and make best UI design though.


Why have 3 remote events, when you can just create 1 and pass in the action in a parameter?
3 remote events will take up more memory than 1, and you will only have 1 event instead of 3 to secure.

I was just getting started to remoteevents and I only had basic knowledge while creating this. Im getting the hang of things now though.

Just a question, is this mobile/ tablet compatible?

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Very nice!

The animation on the UI is a nice touch but could use a bit more attention.

The way you script is a bit messy, in some cases I found a variable that starts with lowercase, and then I found another with an uppercase.

Example code:

local KickEvent = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").Events.Kick -- This is from the "Panel" script.

  local kickremote = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").Events.Kick -- This is from the "k1" Script, 2 spaces included to be exactly from the script.
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Hello, thank you for this wonderful resource :slight_smile: Can you please update your post with a video or something so we can see all the features and other things that it has to offer. Thanks again, MrSavage261 :+1:

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I’m going to try and make it compatible.

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I agree I was mainly in a rush to finish it but I’m going to go back and work on it. Thanks.

It looks very good! @danthespam! However, I would add a reason bit of the Panel so it displays a reason when the player is kicked,warned,server banned etc. Other then that, I think it looks really good! Also, do you do commissions?

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