Open-Source animations?



As far as I know, the only way to use animations in your roblox game is to use the ones that either you have uploaded yourself or ones your group has uploaded. That being said, is there any open-source animations anywhere that I can import into the editor to and then upload them to roblox?

edit: I should specify, these would just be generic character animations ie; running, grabbing, leaning, sitting etc


Are you talking about using other people’s animations? Because as far as I know, you can only use your own.

I don’t know whether or not roblox is currently working on a way for people to use other player’s animations (That is if they are free), but it would be a good suggestion.


Yea, I know it won’t work if you try to use other animation assetIDs, but I thought there would be a way of importing the keyframes from open-source animations so you could export it as your own. I’m not sure why animations are still locked down to user/group; I know this suggestion was made 2 years ago; Allow us to make our animations usable in any game by configuring it and add a library section


A way I used to share a few animations once (and only viable way I know of), was save your animations in the animation editor then save the Studio file and give the file to someone else.
As those saved animations remain in the rig under the “AnimSaves” model, which parent is the rig.

Other then that, sharing animations via roblox isn’t possible. But I know some (if not all) Roblox animations can be used by everyone.


maybe someone can start an animation sharing thread here so anyone who wants to share their animations with the community can do so. The animation editor allows you to ‘save’ and ‘load’ animations, which is different than ‘import/export’. If you save an animation you can share the game file here, then anyone who wants to use that animation can dl the game file and load the animation in the animations editor then export it to their roblox inventory.


The only other possible way would be to convert your animations to c-frames. Which would take some rescripting


I like that idea. I’m honestly surprised that some sort of repository like that hasn’t been already created


There is a site where you import animations into blender and then import them to roblox called mixamo. If you want to go that route and need any help feel free to message me.


If you’re wanting to send or receive animations sources and such you can easily export the roblox box that you used on to make such animation as it should store it within the NPC