Open Source Arena FPS

Bagel Arena Open Source

A few weeks ago I made a basic Arena Shooter in roughly 15 days, it was mainly just for fun and not a full project. I decided to open source the code only as a learning resource and to see what people could do with it.


Youtube Playlist

Game place

Game Place

The Code

I just decompiled it using rbxlx to Rojo, incase anything seems really odd, realize I was practically speedrunning the development of this, so there may be some really weird things.

I will leave the file structure incase anyone wants to try and get the game up and running.



Interesting files

image – Viewmodel code and stuff

Project Ideas

  • Get it up and running on Studio
  • Make some custom weapons
  • Try your best to find out what everything does
  • Add more cross hairs
  • Optimize the viewmodels
  • Write custom movement


Model & map & sound effects & music credits go to ID Software (Quake 3)
Smooth movement script by @RVVZ

Questions & Help

If you have questions or just need help, you can contact me in the comments, direct messages on the Dev Forum, or even on Discord(Boogle#4509)


I plan to be adding comments to everything to explain my logic behind it, I’ve already started but give me some time to finish.


Wow. What a great resource for beginners! This is the kind of community resource I like to see!

Hey, can you put your game so anyone can edit it? For more ease.


I would, but I have had a bad run in before with people blatantly stealing my games and just slapping in gamepasses, it makes me sad so I wont be releasing that.

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I dont really want to go through the hassle with Github, mainly since I don’t know how to use it, could I give you some robux and you dm the place file?


Couldn’t you make a separate game with just the code? Not everyone knows how to import everything from a github repository


Dang, got flagged, what did you write

Nothing lol I realized what I said was impossible

well could you still get a place file, or teach me how to use github in a few hours, i still dont understand how to move files over from it.

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Yeah me neither I have never worked with GitHub sorry :confused:

made it sound like you did, welpt, time to wait for op to come back ey.

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Alright, enough of you asked for this so I made a version of the game that doesn’t contain any sounds, textures, or meshes.

Check out the license for this source code

I kept the animations just because I am too lazy to remove them


How did you change your replicatedstorage icon?

He used this icon set for studio.