Open Source Climbing System

Hello! I have recently made this climbing system which took me around 3 days as I had not much experience with bodymovers however in the end I managed to get it due to the help of others. I want to now share this climbing system so others can study the code and attempt to make their own. You don’t have to credit me at all if you decide to use this in your game, but it would be appreciated. Although I don’t think you should put this in your game as it is because it is a bit buggy.

Animations are not included.

This is my first open sourced script so if you see any problems with my scripting please tell me so I can work towards fixing that!

I wish you all the best of luck! :grinning:



Then why is it open resource


To study the code and make your own.

Although I don’t care if you do decide to just add it to your game.