[Open Source] Custom queue

This module is now archived. Use the native Roblox queue instead.

BE WARNED: MessagingService can throttle which will lead in players having to wait for their queue position, it’s only if that server it’s getting heavy traffic. I am still testing, so expect some bugs.

What can it be used for?

The custom queue’s is specifically used for players who want to join full servers. The players will be put into a private queuing server where they will wait until the server they tried to join is not full and are 1st in queue.

Roblox has a queue, why make a custom one?

The Roblox queuing system uses requests instead of putting players into a queue. Every player that can send a request the fastest when a spot is open, gets it. This is unfair for people having to wait at least 200 retries to get into a server. This system instead uses a list of players in the queue with their respective queue position.

How about other resources/scripts that use private servers?

Resources as the Merely Soft Shutdown Script are not compatible with the custom queue out-of-the-box. However the custom queue will detect if the teleport data sent with the client is a valid 36 character jobId string, if nothing is sent or anything else is sent the GUI will not appear thereby not interfering with any other scripts that take advantage of the private servers, not the other way around.

If it is a valid 36 character jobId string, a StringValue inside the workspace will be created called IsQueueServer. It will be set to true once a player sends a jobId to the queue server.


You can get the model here:

You can put the script in Workspace or ServerScriptService.
Settings are in the CustomQueue script.

Report any bugs whenever you want!
Have fun!


I’ve messed around with the queue a bit and I’d say it’s pretty good. This will be very useful for group games too, way less problems of people filling servers up too fast and you crashing mid-way; this makes for a good solution to most of those problems within popular group games.

Overall, I really love this queue mainly because it gets rid of Roblox’s biased queue and replaces it with a better solution around it, looking forward to this if it advances in the future! :+1:

[Apologies if I misworded anything!]


I will definitely use this, thanks!

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Do we need this to be in the same place, or the same game because I don’t see where you can configure the place that it teleports to.

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