[open source] dark souls bonfire system

here’s the continuation from last week’s open source game system: bonfires/idols from dark souls/sekiro

you can rest at bonfires to heal and travel to bonfires you’ve discovered. you’ll respawn at the last bonfire you visited even after rejoining the game.

archived twitch stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/542780635


Amazing! What an interesting concept. Thanks for making it open source. :wink:


Good, Excelent, Incredible, Awesome, Amazing, Impossible, etc etc…

This will be very useful for my MMORPG game, which have a very open world, and traveling to another locating by walking only is very boring. Thanks for this alot! :smiley:

@x_o When is the next stream? i want to see your stream!


Crazy. First a grapple system and now a bonfire system and they’re all open source. Not only do I have a lot of learning material to chug down now from the team that eventually kickstarted my programming hobby, but now I think I should start making something lol.

Rudimentality is so cool. Love your work. Thanks for sharing this as well.


I stream every monday, it’s announced on my twitter https://twitter.com/ruddev_elle


I found an interesing bug:

When you travel to a bonfire and click two times on a button to get teleported to a bonfire, the “Light” effect doesn’t show up. If you require a video then ask it :+1:

I find it incredibly generous for you to share these open source places as well as streaming the entire coding process. These topics will really help for those who are hungry for coding experience.

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I love it. Great work! Always love seeing open sourced resources for anyone who needs them.


Hello! The bug that i have mentioned before, can be easily solved, just use a cooldown (Debounce), here is the script:

(Line: 156-189 - Script: bonfire_script_client)

local Cooldown_i = false	

    if bonfire.Name == currentBonfire.Name then
	print(Player.Name.."'s teleport request denied: Player is in the same bonfire.")
        --You can remove the print if you want, just set to debug.

	if Cooldown_i == false then
            Cooldown_i = true
		OrbEffect(currentBonfire.PrimaryPart.Position, 24, 1, DefaultColor, true)
		Services.Lighting.bonfire_bloom.Threshold = 5
		Services.Lighting.bonfire_bloom.Enabled = true
		local inTween = Services.TweenService:Create(Services.Lighting.bonfire_bloom,      TweenInfo.new(1, Enum.EasingStyle.Sine, Enum.EasingDirection.In), {Threshold = 0})
			Remotes.bonfire:FireServer("travel", bonfire.Name)
			local outTween = Services.TweenService:Create(Services.Lighting.bonfire_bloom, TweenInfo.new(1, Enum.EasingStyle.Sine, Enum.EasingDirection.Out), {Threshold = 5})
			Services.Lighting.bonfire_bloom.Enabled = false
			Cooldown_i = false

I hope this helped! :+1:

Solved issue: Clicking a bonfire to travel more of two times will not play the “Light” effect.

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I love your creations, you’re extremely generous making this stuff open source. I’m sure my coding partner will learn a lot from this :+1:

Can’t wait to see what you make next!


Ima bookmark this post.
I love the fact that this is open source, because some time ago you made a working grapple hook, now a bonfire system! Mind if I take some of your ideas XD

Thanks for making these amazing systems open sourced and for everyone to use, I really liked the sekiro grapple! Keep it up!

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Wow! This is really good effect!

I absolutely love this, with your extremely cool work, so many things have been made possible from this one aspect. I look forward to seeing what can be made from this.

Thanks a bunch!

This is really amazing! I’m surprised you made this open-sourced. I cannot wait to see what’s next!

That’s pretty awesome thanks for making something like that available.

That is honestly amazing to how clean that is ;o

This is a good concept! Could you try to recreate the parkour system from Dying Light or Mirror’s Edge