[OPEN SOURCE] DataStore Module

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Datastore Module

Hello, I have made my very first DataStore Module. I am releasing it as a Open Sourced Project. It is easy to learn and use! This Module is Still in a Beta Stage and all the Functions may or may not error out at times due to Network Latency or random reasons. It Includes a “Saved User Data” Tweening GUI. To help Install this I am Creating a Plugin that will provide Installing and even Auto-Updating Capabilities. Documentation is Down Below. Even though I have a MIT License, I request that If you Copy any of this Code then please Tell me. This will be Open to Forking on Github so you can add your own stuff and see if I add it to the Module.


Make sure to Read this so you can Understand how to Use this Module

Preview Video

Also The Lag is due to the massive Encoding of my Video Recorder



(This is a Template to Start out with)


The Plugin is still under Development but is Expected to Come out in a Closed Beta by November 5th and Full release by Christmas. I will keep this updated and my Documentation site will soon provide active update logs.

If you need Help, Have Suggestions, or Just want to Talk to me then Do it here or on Discord (@ besupernow#5482)

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